Steps To Take In Addressing Political Representatives On Environmental Issues….

A follow up article to What Are The Solutions To Stopping Toxic Chemicals From Being Used In The Geo Engineering Of Our Climate? Published on 8/7/14

Let’s face it… “We The People” are desperate for answers and solutions regarding the toxic chemicals being sprayed continually in the skies above us. For nearly two decades we have been told “they’re just persistent contrails”, yet we know nothing could be further from the truth. We have been watching it with our own eyes, it’s quite frustrating to say the least.

Even more frustrating is being “ridiculed” for being aware and brave enough to speak up. Many of you have probably experienced the loss of friendships/relationships because you refused to move along with the herd. Yet you’re here reading and ready to take action in an attempt to stop these dangerous programs from continuing.

#GEANN is focused on issues pertaining the “Geo Engineering of Our Climate”. The steps we are taking on this issue can be used for other environmental issues as well.

As we take each step we will attempt to show our readers how to repeat our actions. We encourage our readers to get involved by contacting the representatives of your state, (We recommend doing it in a very public manner such as “”. Most of the political rep’s have/use twitter accounts).

After nearly 15 years of watching, sharing information w/others, hopping around to prove SRM “Solar Radiation Management” exists and is in use, pitching a fit that our local officials are failing to represent our concerns, pounding on mainstream media for lack of coverage, and taking months to plan awareness events, we have come to the conclusion that action must take place by “publicly addressing the political representatives who have been tasked with these issues”.

In the case of the State of California one of the governing bodies is the “Senate Standing Committee on Environmental Quality”. The following are the members names and links to their pages…

The jurisdiction of this body is “Bills relating to environmental quality, air quality, water quality, integrated waste management, toxic, and hazardous waste”. They Meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 9:30 A.M. in Room 3191. You can find contact information for each of these representatives by clicking here.


The next governing body is the “California State Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials”. The following are the members names and links to their pages…

We were pleased to learn that all Committee hearings are open to the public.  Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee hearings are  usually set on a second or fourth Tuesday of the Legislative Calendar and take place in Room 444 of the Capitol.  Please be advised that the way weeks are numbered on the Legislative Calendar can vary from a traditional calendar. Learn more about this political body by clicking here.

As some of you are aware a group of Northern California women worked/planned for months in Shasta County in an attempt to help educate the “Shasta County Board of Supervisors”. The Board Members weren’t nice or welcoming, to the contrary, they were inpatient, they refused to return our calls, they refused to follow up with us after providing them key facts/evidence, and they treated us with an air of “ridicule”.

We refused to give up, we got on the internet and went to work feverishly trying to rally community support. We knew that we were going to have to “turn up the heat” if we were going to get any assistance from this body of political representatives. On July 15th, 2014 with the assistance of heavily credentialed experts  we presented enough evidence to convince the SCBOS to further investigate. It was a Four and a half hour process, but we accomplished it! You can view the “entire” hearing by clicking here. {side note: #GEANN does not believe in editing/chopping/or removing the testimony of any speakers as practiced by the various sites we claim aren’t sharing the “path to solutions”, we will never engage in such activities}

As a matter of fact “all” Shasta County Board of Supervisors Agendas, Minutes, Videos, and Minute Summaries can easily be viewed by clicking here.

There’s an important point that must be made… “Never assume someone else has this handled”. For years we didn’t pursue these avenues thinking “surely those sharing all this knowledge are taking meaningful actions”. I’m sorry to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. It appears that the only interest of some is gaining “personal attention”, “fame”, and “donations”, meanwhile those same people have failed to lay out any reasonable/effective plans of action.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the political representatives charged with overseeing these programs are quite pleased to see those concerned being “led on a goose chase to nowhere”. Those days are done and over with.

If there is any doubt in your mind whatsoever I would like to encourage you to use 2-3 of the following acronyms in Google search’s. An example… “ASP” “CMAQ” “ARM” which returns a plethora of information/pdf’s pertaining to these programs. It was all in the acronyms. (I wish I would have had this list a decade ago )….

ASP – DOE’s Atmospheric Sciences Program
ARM – DOE’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program
BNL – Brookhaven National Laboratory
CalTech – California Institute of Technology
CAM – Community Atmospheric Model
CARES – Carbonaceous Aerosol and Radiative Effects Study
CCN – cloud condensation nuclei
CCPP – Climate Change Prediction Program
CCSM – Community Climate System Model
CCSP – U.S. Climate Change Science Program
CHAPS – Cumulus Humilis Aerosol Processing Study
CMAQ – Community Model for Air Quality
CTM – chemical transport model
CSU – Colorado State University
CU- University of Colorado
DOE – U.S. Department of Energy
E-AIM – Extended AIM aerosol thermodynamics model
EnKF – ensemble adjustment Kalman filter
ECPP – Explicit-Cloud Parameterized-Pollutant
GCM – global climate model
GChM-O – Global Chemistry Model driven by observed meteorology
GISS – NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
IMPACT – Integrated Massively Parallel Atmospheric Chemistry Transport model
IN – ice nuclei
LaRC – Langley Research Center
LBNL – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LLNL – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
MASE – MArine Stratus Experiment
MADRID – Model of Aerosol Dynamics, Reaction, Ionization and Dissolution
MILAGRO – Megacity Initiative: Local and Global Research Observations
MIRAGE – Model for Integrated Research on Atmospheric Global Exchanges
MM5 – Mesoscale Meteorology model version 5
MMF – Multiscale Modeling Framework
MOSAIC – MOdel for Simulating Aerosol Interactions and Chemistry
NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCAR – National Center for Atmospheric Research
NCSU -North Carolina State University
NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NSF – National Science Foundation
PNNL – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
POA – primary organic aerosol
QMOM – Quadrature Method of Moments model
RegCM – Regional Climate Model
SciDAC – DOE’s Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing
SGMM – self-generating master mechanism
SOA – secondary organic aerosol
UALR – University of Arkansas – Little Rock
UC-Davis – University of California – Davis
UC-Irvine – University of California – Irvine
UC-Riverside University of California – Riverside
UM – University of Minnesota
VOC – volatile organic compound
VOCALS-Rex Variability of the American Monsoon System (VAMOS) Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere-Land Study Regional Experiment
WRF – Weather Research and Forecasting model
WRF-Chem – chemistry version of the Weather Research and Forecasting model

I ask myself… “Why has this information never been shared with us before, if not by our government/political representatives why hasn’t it been shared with us by “any” of the sites that claim to be keeping us informed? There is no answer good enough!

What is important is that we now have direction, the question is…. “How important is “Life to this and Future Generations to you”? Is it important enough to encourage you to speak up? I pray it is.

Team #GEANN is here to assist the people of this country and around the world by empowering you with knowledge and direction. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to a future article please let us know by commenting below.

You can also find Team #GEANN via facebook: GeoEngineering Action Network News #GEANN or by clicking here

Thank you for your time & support.


What Are The Solutions To Stopping Toxic Chemicals From Being Used In The Geo Engineering Of Our Climate?

GeoEngineering Action Network News was created for the sole purpose of “networking people who are focused on and dedicated to finding solutions”.

For “over a decade” we have seen numerous sites sharing information regarding ongoing Solar Radiation Management and Cloud Seeding operations. Of those sites have you ever seen one that offered a list of solutions/actions taken “by their members” to put an end to/change the current chemicals being used in these programs?

Which sites have provided you with a list of contact names/information for political representatives who have any responsibility to these programs… ie representatives who sit on committees that hear/approve programs such as Geo Engineering of our Climate?

Which sites are providing you with petitions for you to carry with you and gather signatures with the intent of presenting those petitions to your political leaders and enforcement/protection agencies?

Geoengineering Action Network News wants to “showcase” those sites. We also want to help our political representatives, from City Council Members to all state Governors, understand what is really taking place in the skies above us and our atmosphere. We also want to make the needed changes in agencies such as the EPA, OEHHA (in CA), Prop 65 (in CA), and any other agency that has legal jurisdiction over these matters.

One of the actions we will be working on over the next few days is addressing each and every candidate running for office between now and 2016. We want to know where each of these candidates stand on these serious issues long before election day. We are committed to supporting and showcasing any candidate who makes a commitment to help us achieve our goals. We also commit to exposing the ones who won’t. Make no mistake, that sort of representation we will not tolerate.

In order to accomplish this task we need to take the following steps…

#1. Google and searched the words ” California candidate 2014 ” which lead us to a site created by Ron Gunzburger Politics1.comYour complete directory of California candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle … state political parties … the official state election office … and state news sources.” (see image below)


#2. Identify the candidate next on your list to contact. In this instance we have chosen ” Neel Kashkari “. I clicked on the red link for his name, was taken to his site, I then located the contact tab and clicked on it which led me to this page (see photo below)


We quickly notice he is on twitter. If you want to get the attention of a political figure Twitter is the perfect spot to it because it’s such a public arena with an audience in the millions, possibly billions. We also notice there are a few other ways of communicating with this candidate… Facebook, a press contact email (easy enough to have a friend with media credentials contact him, so we make sure to pass that information along to them), or we can fill out the contact form (see image below).


#3. I fill out the contact form and hit send.
#4. I go to twitter and begin addressing him publicly. What I locate is the most recent twitter interaction with another high profile twitter account. I ask him my question in this public format intentionally, someone else has now seen the question, seeds planted, we wait for his response, if it’s good enough I will run over to Gov. Jerry Brown’s Twitter page and share the comment with him. At that point our current Gov will realize this is a issue he should be discussing/focused on… The pressure is on.
#5. We go in search of his facebook account to make a post. (see the image below).


We immediately look for the most popular post near the top of his page (in this case it was very easy, he had a post celebrating “over 100,00 views”) Perfect! I make the following comment….

I apologize in advance for going off topic… I need to know “what is your position regarding the current/ongoing Solar Radiation Management and Cloud Seeding operations being used in an attempt to Geoengineer our climate”? “Are you for or against these programs”? If you are against these programs…. “What will you do to help us stop them”? And how you you guide the concerned citizens towards immediate solutions in between now and election time”? Thank you for your time and consideration. Kim Moore / GeoEngineering Action Network News #GEANN

#6. Locate the most recent news articles on this particular candidate. Once we locate/open these online news articles we immediately search for the ones allowing comments. At this point we copy and paste the questions (time saver) we posed to him via his facebook page into these comment sections. By doing it in this manner we are signaling to his campaign team that we are serious about learning his position. (see image below/notice the Google News search settings used)


#7. We now add the candidates name to a running list/spread sheet of those who have been contacted, documenting the means used to communicate with them, we will also follow up with them on a weekly basis in a public format, documenting when they responded, and how they responded. Any candidate coming to the table to discuss these serious matters with us will be recognized for doing such and given proper credit.

#8. Pick up the phone and request a face to face meeting with the candidate, also request a schedule of upcoming appearances. I ad the list of appearances to my spread sheet in order to help remind me of opportunities to speak publicly with this candidate.

#9. We make the person holding the current political position aware of support on this issue by their challengers. Now they’re feeling the heat.

Each of these steps is intended to show our current political representatives how serious we are about finding/creating solutions to the seriousness of geoengineering our climate. The more people that participate in these actions the faster we will see results.

Unfortunately I had to learn/experience the hard way… When you show up at Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting as “1 person” you aren’t treated with the same courteousness/niceties as you are when you have 400 other citizens concerned about the issue in the room with you, and that’s ok too. Why? Because each of these sessions is required to be recorded by law, it’s quite revealing to show your actions and the current political leaders responses to them.

For over a decade we have watched “the same web sites” that claim to be focused on these issues “refuse to lead people to effective solutions”. They share relevant information, and are great at getting people worked up into a frenzy, but what are those sites actually accomplishing?

When you see groups of concerned citizens making headway with their political representatives please take a moment to locate those organizers, ask them “Who helped them get there”?, “How did they locate/find those people”? Ask them “Of the sites sharing your event which ones helped you and how much” also ask them “Have any of these sites operators withheld your information, or prevented you from connecting with others like yourself”. THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!

We want to understand why it is that so many geoengineering awareness web sites, the largest of them all, which take in thousands of dollars on a regular basis, have not presented any legal actions? Why they have failed to gather/take signed petitions directly to their governors office? Why they have not attempted to have the chemicals they are finding in their test results added to the list of restricted chemicals used in Prop 65? Better yet… We want to know how to get them focused on taking these actions towards solutions, or is their purpose to simply distract you?

Either way and no matter the answer it’s time that all concerned citizens begin speaking up, taking actions, or asking how we can help support those who are via “actions” not just “donations”.

I want to clearly state on the record that the recent actions taken in Shasta County were the work a few dedicated “women”, who approached and spoke before their local political representatives for a number of months prior to Dane Wigington or Geoengineering Watch dot Org appearing with us. Enough said!

Let us all focus on the march towards solutions!

Kim Moore / Team #GEANN
You can also find us on facebook at: GeoEngineering Action News Network #GEANN

The Opportunity For Experts To Share Their Concerns With The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment #OEHHA Has Been Extended

This is a “Golden Opportunity” for Awareness Educators, Scientists, and Concerned Citizens to present their concerns, evidence, test results, and data to OEHHA – The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment who have full control as well as the ability to end Solar Radiation Management #SRM, a form of Geoengineering often referred to as Chemtrails, Chemclouds, chemsprays, and chembombs, often confused with “persistent contrails” which require prime conditions that rarely exist during summer months.

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) released a draft document, Air Toxics Hot Spots Program Guidance Manual for the Preparation of Risk Assessments (Guidance Manual) on June 20, 2014 for a 45-day public comment period, originally scheduled to end on August 4, 2014. We received a request from the California Chamber of Commerce on behalf of various business groups to extend the public comment period. This notice extends the comment period to August 18, 2014.

This draft Guidance Manual has been developed by OEHHA, in conjunction with the Air Resources Board, for use in implementing the Air Toxics Hot Spots Program (Health and Safety Code Section 44360 et. seq.).  OEHHA is required to develop guidelines for conducting health risk assessments under Section 44360(b)(2). 

As stated in the original June 20, 2014 notice, we are seeking comment primarily on clarity of the guidance manual as it relates to implementing and integrating the risk assessment guidelines presented in three OEHHA Technical Support Documents (TSDs). These TSDs, completed in 2008, 2009 and 2012, describe non-cancer risk assessment, derivation of cancer potency factors, and exposure assessment methodology including stochastic risk assessment.  We are not seeking comments on the underlying scientific information that originally appeared in the TSDs, which have undergone public and peer review, approval by the Scientific Review Panel, and adoption by OEHHA.  However, we are seeking comments on specific items noted below that TSDs were silent on or that represent slight corrections.  As noted in the June 20 request for comment notice, these specific items are: Read the full article by clicking here

If you are interested in making a comment please note:

OEHHA will review all relevant comments and revise the draft manual as appropriate.  The Scientific Review Panel will then review the document for clarity and its overall implementation and integration of the TSDs, including text related to the specific items cited above.  Please note that we cannot consider comments on regulatory impacts that may eventually result from efforts to reduce risks identified in future assessments conducted pursuant to the guidance manual.   These considerations are outside the jurisdiction of the guidance manual and OEHHA.  The California Air Resources Board and the state’s local air districts will consider regulatory impacts as part of their ongoing implementation of the Air Toxics Hot Spots Program.  

The Guidance Manual is available on the OEHHA’s web site

Please direct your comments on the documents, in writing or by e–mail, and any inquiries concerning technical matters or availability of the documents to:

Dr. David Siegel
Chief, Air Community and Environmental Research Branch
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

Contact information can be located at the bottom of this press release by clicking here

To view the Air Toxics Hot Spots Program Guidance Manual for the Preparation of Risk Assessments (Guidance Manual) Click here


Thank you for your help & Support

The End Of #SRM Solar Radiation Management A Form of GeoEngineering Our Climate.


A large number of Northern CA residents attended a hearing  before the Shasta County Board of Supervisors on July 15th, 2014 to present evidence of “ongoing Solar Radiation Management / Geo Engineering of our climate” occurring in their region.

At the conclusion of that hearing they received a unanimous vote of 5-0 from the Shasta County BOS to determine if the county’s current monitoring program is up to detecting the presence of aluminum oxide nano particulates in the air, water and soil.

A snap shot of what occurred via the Mt Shasta Herald/News can be seen below

Use this link if you would like to read the full article:

After many years and countless hours trying to address this issue with local/state/federal representatives we have come to the conclusion that the only way to stop these dangerous programs is to approach each political body in “publicly recorded sessions/hearings” in order to force the representation/assistance we need and deserve. If those we approach choose to ignore we must be prepared to replace them in their next election cycle.

In order to achieve this we have begun creating/circulating petitions to members of various states.  (We are grateful to/for  Alexandra May Hunter of Team Arizona who provided us a copy of the AZ petition and granted permission for us to edit it for any state requesting it). We currently have these petitions circulating in CA, WA, OR, OH, and FL. We need to have them circulating in each and every state.

Gathering thousands of signatures doesn’t happen overnight, it’s just one of things we can/should be doing while we go through the steps of addressing each political body, from City Councils to Senators/Congress, to the Federal level, we have our work cut out for us.

If you or anyone you know is interested in gathering signatures to present to your city/county/state political representatives but don’t know how to make one please let us know, we will be happy to assist/provide a copy to you.

After speaking before/presenting evidence to your local city councils/Board of Supervisors “during recorded sessions/meetings/hearings” the concerned citizens of your region will need to approach your congressional and senate representatives.  We believe it will be helpful to show copies of your gathered signatures/petitions to all of your political representatives, but maintain possession of your originals to present to the Governor of your state.

Members of GeoEngineering Action Network News #GEANN will be happy to help you plan your speaking events in front of your local political representatives as well as assisting you with your next plan of action. If you have a team of local concerned citizens looking for direction let us know. We can arrange conference calls/online chats via Skype or ooVoo.

Why this plan of action?….

There were certain steps we took in Shasta County to present our information to the Board of Supervisors. We began by speaking to them during “open comment” time of Air Pollution Control Board / Board of Supervisors meetings . In our county we are only allowed 3 minutes per speaker. Our purpose was to present them as much information in recorded sessions as we possibly could. We did this many months in a row.

The videos, agendas, and minutes of both Shasta County Board of Supervisors and the Air Pollution Control Board meetings can be found here

After that meeting we continued to follow up with other local political representatives including the State Attorney Generals  Office / Prop 65 Division.

Yesterday I received a call back from Prop 65 Coordinator Bob Thomas Coordinator at prop 65 who acted as if he was interested in what I had to say. It was easy to determine by his responses/answers that “The Hokey Pokey” had began again. “What is the Hokey Pokey” you may be asking yourself, here is a perfect example. Watch as Michael J. Murphy and Paul Wittenberger confront Shasta County Air Quality District’s Ross Bell

Notice in the snap shot below from a PG&E presentation to Plumas County they use the exact same words, song, and dance as that used by Ross Bell & other employees/representatives of Shasta County


During that conversation Bob Thomas told me that the current list of chemicals covered under Prop 65 doesn’t contain the chemicals we are claiming are present in our test results, at which point I thought it would be a wise decision to begin recording our call. I asked for his permission to record the call. His response was… “absolutely NOT!” To which I replied  “OK, I won’t” and proceeded to capture his words by typing them as quickly as I could. At that point I believe Bob Thomas realized how serious I was.

I asked him… “what will it take to have the chemicals we are finding in our tests added to the list of chemicals included under Prop 65”. He told me it was a lengthy process and hard to achieve. That is when Bob Thomas decided to scold me for not understanding Prop 65. I tried my best to exercise patience by responding… “I think that is your job”.

Needless to say Mr. Thomas decided I needed to direct my questions to Cynthia Oshita | Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment | Proposition 65 Implementation | P.O. Box 4010 1001 I Street, 19th floor Sacramento, California 95812-4010 | FAX (916) 323-8803

If you have information you think should be included in these addresses please let us know. It’s very important that we are as thorough as possible when making these presentations. Each time we miss a step they send us back to the drawing board.

Current/past political representatives in the State of California have never agreed to come to the table to review this data or help us understand what steps we need to take next, let alone helping  change/write the laws needed to protect us and our environment.


“If these political representatives won’t… We must replace them with representatives who will”. I have begun asking each candidate for public/political office where they stand on this issue. I encourage each of you to do the same in order for them to realize how important this is to so many of us.

We thank you for your time, consideration, and support.

A very Special Thank You to Jeff Timpe of Los Angeles, CA who’s creative insight & thoughtful edits/suggestions helped write this story/article… Much Love & Appreciation to you Sir.

Thank you also to Alexandra May Hunter who’s experience, dedication, and willingness to share her knowledge/efforts in a way that support & uphold those working tirelessly to get to the solutions.

Kim Moore / Team #GEANN