What Are The Solutions To Stopping Toxic Chemicals From Being Used In The Geo Engineering Of Our Climate?

GeoEngineering Action Network News was created for the sole purpose of “networking people who are focused on and dedicated to finding solutions”.

For “over a decade” we have seen numerous sites sharing information regarding ongoing Solar Radiation Management and Cloud Seeding operations. Of those sites have you ever seen one that offered a list of solutions/actions taken “by their members” to put an end to/change the current chemicals being used in these programs?

Which sites have provided you with a list of contact names/information for political representatives who have any responsibility to these programs… ie representatives who sit on committees that hear/approve programs such as Geo Engineering of our Climate?

Which sites are providing you with petitions for you to carry with you and gather signatures with the intent of presenting those petitions to your political leaders and enforcement/protection agencies?

Geoengineering Action Network News wants to “showcase” those sites. We also want to help our political representatives, from City Council Members to all state Governors, understand what is really taking place in the skies above us and our atmosphere. We also want to make the needed changes in agencies such as the EPA, OEHHA (in CA), Prop 65 (in CA), and any other agency that has legal jurisdiction over these matters.

One of the actions we will be working on over the next few days is addressing each and every candidate running for office between now and 2016. We want to know where each of these candidates stand on these serious issues long before election day. We are committed to supporting and showcasing any candidate who makes a commitment to help us achieve our goals. We also commit to exposing the ones who won’t. Make no mistake, that sort of representation we will not tolerate.

In order to accomplish this task we need to take the following steps…

#1. Google and searched the words ” California candidate 2014 ” which lead us to a site created by Ron Gunzburger Politics1.comYour complete directory of California candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle … state political parties … the official state election office … and state news sources.” (see image below)


#2. Identify the candidate next on your list to contact. In this instance we have chosen ” Neel Kashkari “. I clicked on the red link for his name, was taken to his site, I then located the contact tab and clicked on it which led me to this page (see photo below)


We quickly notice he is on twitter. If you want to get the attention of a political figure Twitter is the perfect spot to it because it’s such a public arena with an audience in the millions, possibly billions. We also notice there are a few other ways of communicating with this candidate… Facebook, a press contact email (easy enough to have a friend with media credentials contact him, so we make sure to pass that information along to them), or we can fill out the contact form (see image below).


#3. I fill out the contact form and hit send.
#4. I go to twitter and begin addressing him publicly. What I locate is the most recent twitter interaction with another high profile twitter account. I ask him my question in this public format intentionally, someone else has now seen the question, seeds planted, we wait for his response, if it’s good enough I will run over to Gov. Jerry Brown’s Twitter page and share the comment with him. At that point our current Gov will realize this is a issue he should be discussing/focused on… The pressure is on.
#5. We go in search of his facebook account to make a post. (see the image below).


We immediately look for the most popular post near the top of his page (in this case it was very easy, he had a post celebrating “over 100,00 views”) Perfect! I make the following comment….

I apologize in advance for going off topic… I need to know “what is your position regarding the current/ongoing Solar Radiation Management and Cloud Seeding operations being used in an attempt to Geoengineer our climate”? “Are you for or against these programs”? If you are against these programs…. “What will you do to help us stop them”? And how you you guide the concerned citizens towards immediate solutions in between now and election time”? Thank you for your time and consideration. Kim Moore / GeoEngineering Action Network News #GEANN

#6. Locate the most recent news articles on this particular candidate. Once we locate/open these online news articles we immediately search for the ones allowing comments. At this point we copy and paste the questions (time saver) we posed to him via his facebook page into these comment sections. By doing it in this manner we are signaling to his campaign team that we are serious about learning his position. (see image below/notice the Google News search settings used)


#7. We now add the candidates name to a running list/spread sheet of those who have been contacted, documenting the means used to communicate with them, we will also follow up with them on a weekly basis in a public format, documenting when they responded, and how they responded. Any candidate coming to the table to discuss these serious matters with us will be recognized for doing such and given proper credit.

#8. Pick up the phone and request a face to face meeting with the candidate, also request a schedule of upcoming appearances. I ad the list of appearances to my spread sheet in order to help remind me of opportunities to speak publicly with this candidate.

#9. We make the person holding the current political position aware of support on this issue by their challengers. Now they’re feeling the heat.

Each of these steps is intended to show our current political representatives how serious we are about finding/creating solutions to the seriousness of geoengineering our climate. The more people that participate in these actions the faster we will see results.

Unfortunately I had to learn/experience the hard way… When you show up at Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting as “1 person” you aren’t treated with the same courteousness/niceties as you are when you have 400 other citizens concerned about the issue in the room with you, and that’s ok too. Why? Because each of these sessions is required to be recorded by law, it’s quite revealing to show your actions and the current political leaders responses to them.

For over a decade we have watched “the same web sites” that claim to be focused on these issues “refuse to lead people to effective solutions”. They share relevant information, and are great at getting people worked up into a frenzy, but what are those sites actually accomplishing?

When you see groups of concerned citizens making headway with their political representatives please take a moment to locate those organizers, ask them “Who helped them get there”?, “How did they locate/find those people”? Ask them “Of the sites sharing your event which ones helped you and how much” also ask them “Have any of these sites operators withheld your information, or prevented you from connecting with others like yourself”. THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!

We want to understand why it is that so many geoengineering awareness web sites, the largest of them all, which take in thousands of dollars on a regular basis, have not presented any legal actions? Why they have failed to gather/take signed petitions directly to their governors office? Why they have not attempted to have the chemicals they are finding in their test results added to the list of restricted chemicals used in Prop 65? Better yet… We want to know how to get them focused on taking these actions towards solutions, or is their purpose to simply distract you?

Either way and no matter the answer it’s time that all concerned citizens begin speaking up, taking actions, or asking how we can help support those who are via “actions” not just “donations”.

I want to clearly state on the record that the recent actions taken in Shasta County were the work a few dedicated “women”, who approached and spoke before their local political representatives for a number of months prior to Dane Wigington or Geoengineering Watch dot Org appearing with us. Enough said!

Let us all focus on the march towards solutions!

Kim Moore / Team #GEANN
You can also find us on facebook at: GeoEngineering Action News Network #GEANN


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