Steps To Take In Addressing Political Representatives On Environmental Issues….

A follow up article to What Are The Solutions To Stopping Toxic Chemicals From Being Used In The Geo Engineering Of Our Climate? Published on 8/7/14

Let’s face it… “We The People” are desperate for answers and solutions regarding the toxic chemicals being sprayed continually in the skies above us. For nearly two decades we have been told “they’re just persistent contrails”, yet we know nothing could be further from the truth. We have been watching it with our own eyes, it’s quite frustrating to say the least.

Even more frustrating is being “ridiculed” for being aware and brave enough to speak up. Many of you have probably experienced the loss of friendships/relationships because you refused to move along with the herd. Yet you’re here reading and ready to take action in an attempt to stop these dangerous programs from continuing.

#GEANN is focused on issues pertaining the “Geo Engineering of Our Climate”. The steps we are taking on this issue can be used for other environmental issues as well.

As we take each step we will attempt to show our readers how to repeat our actions. We encourage our readers to get involved by contacting the representatives of your state, (We recommend doing it in a very public manner such as “”. Most of the political rep’s have/use twitter accounts).

After nearly 15 years of watching, sharing information w/others, hopping around to prove SRM “Solar Radiation Management” exists and is in use, pitching a fit that our local officials are failing to represent our concerns, pounding on mainstream media for lack of coverage, and taking months to plan awareness events, we have come to the conclusion that action must take place by “publicly addressing the political representatives who have been tasked with these issues”.

In the case of the State of California one of the governing bodies is the “Senate Standing Committee on Environmental Quality”. The following are the members names and links to their pages…

The jurisdiction of this body is “Bills relating to environmental quality, air quality, water quality, integrated waste management, toxic, and hazardous waste”. They Meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 9:30 A.M. in Room 3191. You can find contact information for each of these representatives by clicking here.


The next governing body is the “California State Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials”. The following are the members names and links to their pages…

We were pleased to learn that all Committee hearings are open to the public.  Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee hearings are  usually set on a second or fourth Tuesday of the Legislative Calendar and take place in Room 444 of the Capitol.  Please be advised that the way weeks are numbered on the Legislative Calendar can vary from a traditional calendar. Learn more about this political body by clicking here.

As some of you are aware a group of Northern California women worked/planned for months in Shasta County in an attempt to help educate the “Shasta County Board of Supervisors”. The Board Members weren’t nice or welcoming, to the contrary, they were inpatient, they refused to return our calls, they refused to follow up with us after providing them key facts/evidence, and they treated us with an air of “ridicule”.

We refused to give up, we got on the internet and went to work feverishly trying to rally community support. We knew that we were going to have to “turn up the heat” if we were going to get any assistance from this body of political representatives. On July 15th, 2014 with the assistance of heavily credentialed experts  we presented enough evidence to convince the SCBOS to further investigate. It was a Four and a half hour process, but we accomplished it! You can view the “entire” hearing by clicking here. {side note: #GEANN does not believe in editing/chopping/or removing the testimony of any speakers as practiced by the various sites we claim aren’t sharing the “path to solutions”, we will never engage in such activities}

As a matter of fact “all” Shasta County Board of Supervisors Agendas, Minutes, Videos, and Minute Summaries can easily be viewed by clicking here.

There’s an important point that must be made… “Never assume someone else has this handled”. For years we didn’t pursue these avenues thinking “surely those sharing all this knowledge are taking meaningful actions”. I’m sorry to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. It appears that the only interest of some is gaining “personal attention”, “fame”, and “donations”, meanwhile those same people have failed to lay out any reasonable/effective plans of action.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the political representatives charged with overseeing these programs are quite pleased to see those concerned being “led on a goose chase to nowhere”. Those days are done and over with.

If there is any doubt in your mind whatsoever I would like to encourage you to use 2-3 of the following acronyms in Google search’s. An example… “ASP” “CMAQ” “ARM” which returns a plethora of information/pdf’s pertaining to these programs. It was all in the acronyms. (I wish I would have had this list a decade ago )….

ASP – DOE’s Atmospheric Sciences Program
ARM – DOE’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program
BNL – Brookhaven National Laboratory
CalTech – California Institute of Technology
CAM – Community Atmospheric Model
CARES – Carbonaceous Aerosol and Radiative Effects Study
CCN – cloud condensation nuclei
CCPP – Climate Change Prediction Program
CCSM – Community Climate System Model
CCSP – U.S. Climate Change Science Program
CHAPS – Cumulus Humilis Aerosol Processing Study
CMAQ – Community Model for Air Quality
CTM – chemical transport model
CSU – Colorado State University
CU- University of Colorado
DOE – U.S. Department of Energy
E-AIM – Extended AIM aerosol thermodynamics model
EnKF – ensemble adjustment Kalman filter
ECPP – Explicit-Cloud Parameterized-Pollutant
GCM – global climate model
GChM-O – Global Chemistry Model driven by observed meteorology
GISS – NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
IMPACT – Integrated Massively Parallel Atmospheric Chemistry Transport model
IN – ice nuclei
LaRC – Langley Research Center
LBNL – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LLNL – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
MASE – MArine Stratus Experiment
MADRID – Model of Aerosol Dynamics, Reaction, Ionization and Dissolution
MILAGRO – Megacity Initiative: Local and Global Research Observations
MIRAGE – Model for Integrated Research on Atmospheric Global Exchanges
MM5 – Mesoscale Meteorology model version 5
MMF – Multiscale Modeling Framework
MOSAIC – MOdel for Simulating Aerosol Interactions and Chemistry
NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCAR – National Center for Atmospheric Research
NCSU -North Carolina State University
NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NSF – National Science Foundation
PNNL – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
POA – primary organic aerosol
QMOM – Quadrature Method of Moments model
RegCM – Regional Climate Model
SciDAC – DOE’s Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing
SGMM – self-generating master mechanism
SOA – secondary organic aerosol
UALR – University of Arkansas – Little Rock
UC-Davis – University of California – Davis
UC-Irvine – University of California – Irvine
UC-Riverside University of California – Riverside
UM – University of Minnesota
VOC – volatile organic compound
VOCALS-Rex Variability of the American Monsoon System (VAMOS) Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere-Land Study Regional Experiment
WRF – Weather Research and Forecasting model
WRF-Chem – chemistry version of the Weather Research and Forecasting model

I ask myself… “Why has this information never been shared with us before, if not by our government/political representatives why hasn’t it been shared with us by “any” of the sites that claim to be keeping us informed? There is no answer good enough!

What is important is that we now have direction, the question is…. “How important is “Life to this and Future Generations to you”? Is it important enough to encourage you to speak up? I pray it is.

Team #GEANN is here to assist the people of this country and around the world by empowering you with knowledge and direction. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to a future article please let us know by commenting below.

You can also find Team #GEANN via facebook: GeoEngineering Action Network News #GEANN or by clicking here

Thank you for your time & support.


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