Evidence Of Weather Modification Technology To East of North Island, September 29

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By 'Arapuni Wizard', 29 September, 2014
On the morning of September the 29th, 2014 I checked the 
rain radar readings on the MetService website at: 
 I noted there was no rain impending for my region - Arapuni. However, I did notice a large mass of strange-looking "stuff" in the atmosphere to the east of the North Island. This did not look like rain, having no colour-coded levels of intensity, and also it had a different texture to rain formations commonly seen on the MetService rain radar. In my opinion, it seems to be a mass of particulate matter, rather than moisture. This suspicion was in part confirmed when I went outside to see what was in the sky in that direction and saw an area to the east and south-east which looked the same as the aerosol whiteouts I have seen several times, such as during theā€¦

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